Review Articles

A reference guide to the research contributions made by Brad Bolon, DVM, MS, PHD, Veterinary Pathologist. 

Toxicologic Pathology

Animal Models of Disease

Engineered Animals

Animal Models of Disease | 2008

Editorial: Best Pathology Practices in Research Using Genetically Engineered Mice

B. Bolon, C. Brayton, G. H. Cantor, et al.

Veterinary Pathology | 2012

Internet and Print Resources to Facilitate Pathology Analysis When Phenotyping Genetically Engineered Rodents

B. Bolon, S. Couto, L. Fiette, and K. La Perle

Immune-Mediated Arthritis

Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology | 2011

Rodent Preclinical Models for Developing Novel Antiarthritic Molecules: Comparative Biology and Preferred Methods for Evaluating Efficacy

Brad Bolon, Marina Stolina, Caroline King, et al.

Toxicological Pathology | 2016

Nonproliferative and Proliferative Lesions of the Rat and Mouse Skeletal Tissues (Bones, Joints, and Teeth)

Stacey Fossey, John Vahle, Philip Long, et al.