Medical Writing

Medical writing can take many forms. Scientific communicators may write research papers describing the results of original experiments; review articles or book chapters describing the biology of major scientific principles for a key biological system; disease entity, or new therapeutic modality; technical reports for inclusion in regulatory filings to gain product approval; or books to explain a specific area of science to a wider scientific or lay audience.

Dr. Bolon has written for all these purposes, producing several hundred publications during the course of a three-decade career. He also is the co-editor of three reference books in toxicologic pathology (one dedicated specifically to basic and applied neuropathology) and the sole editor of a text on the pathology of the developing mouse.

Portfolio of Work

  • Bolon B (2015). Pathology of the Developing Mouse: A Systematic Approach. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis), Boca Raton, FL, 430 pp
  • Bolon B and Butt MT (2011). Fundamental Neuropathology for Pathologists and Toxicologists: Principles and Techniques. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ, 590 pp
  • Haschek WM, Rousseaux CG, Wallig MA, eds. (with Bolon B, Ochoa R, Mahler BW, assoc. eds.) (2013). Haschek and Rousseaux’s Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, 3rd ed. Academic Press (Elsevier), San Diego; 3 volumes, 3054 pp.
  • Wallig MA, Haschek WM, Rousseaux CG, Bolon B, Mahler BW. (2018). Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology, 3rd ed. Academic Press (Elsevier), San Diego, 885 pp.