Comparative and Experimental Pathologist

Brad Bolon, DVM, MS, PhD
Veterinary Pathologist

Areas of expertise include:

  • Characterization of animal disease models
  • Pathology of rodents
  • Pathology of the nervous system
  • Phenotypic analysis of engineered animals
  • Toxicologic pathology of biomolecules, cell and gene therapy products, and medical devices to treat neural diseases
  • Technical Writing

Service Overview

Toxicologic Pathology

Toxicologic pathology is a biomedical specialty that applies the tool kit for diagnostic pathology (the study of diseases) to toxicology (the study of poisons).  The melding of toxicology with pathology is essential in assessing the safety of new materials.  

Comparative and Experimental Pathology

Comparative pathology is a subspecialty of pathology (the study of disease) that compares and contrasts the manifestations of disease across species, including both humans and animals (as models for human physiological processes and diseases).

Medical Writing

Medical writing can take many forms. Scientific communicators may write research papers describing the results of original experiments; review articles or book chapters describing the biology of major scientific principles for a key biological system; disease entity, or new therapeutic modality…

About Brad 


Brad earned B.S. (Agriculture, 1983), D.V.M. (1986) and M.S. (1986) degrees in six years at the University of Missouri (Columbia, MO), completed an anatomic pathology residency (1986-1989) at the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), and obtained a Ph.D. (1993) from Duke University while completing postdoctoral training at the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (Research Triangle Park, NC; 1989-1993). 


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Dr. Brad Bolon

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